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Rotary Club Bali Celebrate 30 Years!!

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Rotary Club Bali Nusa Dua is delighted to report that on the 30th June 2022 we celebrated our 30 year milestone with a celebratory event at the Grand Hyatt in Nusa Dua.

Date: June 30, 2022; 05:30 PM

This stunning seafront venue was absolutely fitting to mark such a wonderful occasion – and to fundraise for more good causes here in Bali.

The event was attended by our members and friends and families – you can view the full image gallery from the event here. The last years of the pandemic it was wonderful to have so many people together again – and after the photographs had been taken and members joyously reunited, the event was officially opened with a welcome speech by our 2021-22 President Karl Heinz.

Rotary Club Bali: Handover of Presidents

It was then time for the business of the evening – the exciting announcements and handover from our outgoing board to our new board and new president, Martin Smyth our President for the period 2022-2023.

You can read Martin’s welcome letter on our home page: click here. We are looking forward to the next 12 months of Martin’s presidency and we would like to say a huge thank you to Karl Heinz (outgoing President) and the entire board of 2021-22, who saw the club through some challenging times during the covid period here in Bali. Thank you all!

Martin’s time then came to address ‘his audience’ and his heartfelt speech was enjoyed and appreciated by all. Welcome Martin, our new President-elect!

Our Sister Clubs ❤️🇯🇵❤️🇱🇺❤️

We were also extremely grateful to the Presidents of our Sister Clubs in Tokyo-

Kojimachi and Luxembourg-Horizon who joined the event (by video) to wish us all well.

We are proud to be associated with two such wonderful Rotary Clubs.

What a beautiful gesture (below)! Thanks to each and every one of our friends in Tokyo- Kojimachi!🇯🇵


From sublime appetizers and sumptuous buffet options through to delightful deserts, it was with great contentment that we settled in for the second half of the evening, which began with the first round of our raffle draw.

New Rotary Club Bali Website Launched!

We are delighted that 2022 has been a year of change and development for Rotary Club Bali Nusa Dua, and this website is one of the ways in which we are striving forward, to unite and reach more members, and to provide a fresh, modern platform for those who want to join and engage with us.

We encourage you to take a look through our pages, find out about our projects, and view our galleries. Our new site contains up to date information about our projects and our upcoming events - stay tuned!


With the auctions and raffles taking place during the course of the evening, we were extremely pleased, and thankful for, everyone’s generosity and the vital funds that were raised for good causes and Rotary Club Nusa Dua’s continued efforts here in Bali.

Needless to say, there were some very happy prize winners among us!

Welcoming to the Club, Oli!! 👏👏👏

After the raffle, we had one of the biggest pleasures that we have as a Rotary Club – to induct a new member. Oliver was inducted on stage and welcomed to the club, while the Rotary March was played as per tradition.

Let's Party!! 🕺💃

Of course, the event couldn’t end without some fun and dancing – this is a party after all! The evening was a huge success and we would like to thank everyone who attended and we missed those who were unable to join us on this momentous occasion.

The 'Three Tenors' took to the stage and provided entertainment for all!

The evening was a huge success and we would like to thank everyone who attended and we missed those who were unable to join us on this momentous occasion. As a final reminder, if you’d like to be involved, you can contact us here or find out more about how to make a donation here.

We look forward to another 30 years of service.

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This was a wonderful event and it was an honor to become a part of the Rotary Club.

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