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CIMD Foundation


Some 5.000 children in the Buleleng regency, North Bali alone, with disabilities are
hidden away, suffering in quiet desperation as families fear the stigma of society for having done something wrong. These children, later to become adults, are excluded from educational opportunities such as public schools which lack the resources to assist parents who are often unaware of private initiatives to address their child’s physical or mental disability, and are reluctant to subject their children to ridicule and failure.

With this in mind Geert van Praet, a Belgian national, former paramedic and entrepreneur, co-founded Yayasan Cahaya Impian Masa Depan (“the dream of a better future”), CIMD in 2008 to provide one community near Singaraja in North Bali an opportunity for disabled and underprivileged children, to take a step forward to a healthier and better future.

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In 2019 Rotary Club Bali Nusa Dua, together with RC Luxembourg Horizon began
supporting CIMD renovating and enlarging classrooms, supplying learning and exercise materials and providing scholarships for a number of students enrolled in the inaugural 6-years term of CIMD’s ‘showpiece’ Primary School Program known as “Include Us”.

A direct result of this involvement was achieved in February 2021, when CIMD received official recognition and official operational license by the Indonesian Ministry of Education as primary school for children with disabilities and special needs! CIMD currently has 13 dedicated and trained staff backed by various professional psychologists, pediatricians & other specialists teaching and working with 165 children (and their families) in its various programs ie, physical therapy, socialisation and skills development and of course classroom education.

About CIMD 

CIMD accepts pupils without exception to disability or economic background. However, CIMD does not ask or collect any tuition fees from its students. Financial support is still and badly needed to sponsor the ongoing tuition of the students presently enlisted not to mention new children now waitlisted for the next “Include Us” class.

To support one child in CIMD’s program costs only USD 300 per year - less than 1 USD per day. Imagine, with only USD 300 you could make a decisive change to a child’s life, by helping him/her to attend and live a fuller more meaningful life.

We Need Your Support Today!

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