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SMKN1 Scholarships

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The one piece of advice all professional investment advisors can agree is invest in your education and skills. Our guess is the second best would be doing that for youngsters in our community.
With a median age of just under 30 years, Indonesia is, by any measure a young country, with the tremendous energy and potential that comes with youth. And Indonesian youths are amazing; polite and respectful with a deep desire to study and learn. Even in today’s technology driven society books and study materials, being keys to a brighter future, are prized possessions. Unfortunately materials and aids are often too expensive for many children. Although the government is active in providing access to educational opportunities through high school, many children from economically disadvantaged families are unable to continue past high school either to vocational school, to learn much needed trades skills, much less university level academics.


While Nusa Dua is often seen as Bali’s premier resort destination there are still many economically disadvantaged families (average income is between IDR 800,000 - 2,500,000- / month or about USD 50-175/month). Many of these families have teenaged children who have displayed remarkable academic performance in their class or excelled in some competitive area that have the capacity to excel scholastically given the chance.

To give these exceptional children a chance RC Bali Nusa Dua began a partnership in 2017 with SMNK-1, a Vocational School established by the Indonesian Government to identify and then provide scholarships to the most promising students. Fwiw, being a government school SMNK-1 does receive some funding from the Indonesian government however the funding is not sufficient to cover each student’s tuition.

In 2017 RC Bali Nusa Dua through its Vocational Services Committee began approaching other Rotary Clubs and businesses on Bali to fund the school fees the government doesn’t cover and the parents can not afford. With funds in hand the several members of the club interviewed and awarded 30 deserving students and have continued doing so each year since.

Once a child is enrolled in the program we commit to the student until graduation. Student progress is monitored by both the school and RC Bali Nusa Dua. Whilst there’s quite and investment in time to followup and report on each student’s progress to the donors providing funds the reward is getting to know and become part of child’s
journey to adulthood. Sponsoring a child is easy and costs only IDR 1,560,000 / school year (currently about USD 100) with an expected 3 years of classes to graduate for a total commitment of IDR 4,680,000.-

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