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University Scholarship Program


The Background

Since 2017 RCBND supports students from disadvantaged families with a scholarship at a government vocational high school in the sub-district of South Kuta, locally known as SMKN1, Kuta Selatan. Over two hundred students have enjoyed a scholarship to date. With the completion of this vocational high school, the students are entitled to study at universities of applied sciences in the areas of electronics, mechanical engineering, computer science or hospitality/tourism. RCBND has now launched a scheme under which students with excellent exams receive a scholarship allowing them to continue their education by studying at selected universities.


The Purpose

The scholarship is to support a student's education, awarded on the basis of academic achievement, for a period of regularly 8 semesters or 4 academic years.
The selected students have shown remarkable academic performance in their previous schooling and show good soft and hard skills including languages, especially in English.

About the Project

The project started in January 2022 with six students and is going to be enlarged as funds are becoming available or are being pledged.
The sponsorship covers the tuition fee of between IDR2,000,000 and IDR 2,050,000 per semester (6 months)depending on the university and/or faculty. The tuition fees are payable every semester in advance.



1. The students come from disadvantaged families that find it difficult to pay the tuition fees. That includes families recently adversely impacted by the Corona pandemic.
2. Students whose scholastic efforts at the vocational high school merit further support and show good soft and hard skills including languages, especially in English.


Selection Method

1. Recommendation by SMKN 1 board
2. Interview in person or on-line by RCBND Vocational Services Committee. Selected students and RCBND enter into an agreement in form of a Memorandum of Understanding.
3. Regular review of academic achievements by RCBND Vocational Services Committee.



So far funding has come chiefly from individual donors backed up by RCBND. For each student a tuition budget plan is being drawn up covering 8 semesters over four years, as shown in the table below.

Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 08.33.19.png

How can you help?

RCBND is seeking sponsors to help funding scholarships for up to 15 students with a firm commitment over a period of four academic years. A scholarship per student for four years may reach up to IDR 16,400,000 or USD 1,200. So, to realize our goals of assisting 15 extra students, we are seeking additional sponsorship of USD 18,000.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated for this excellent Rotary cause.


Vocational Committee Chair RCBND: Dona Poskiparta mobile / WA: +62811196477 or

We Need Your Support Today!

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