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Puskesmas Kuta Selatan: TB Project

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RCBND has had a long engagement with our local Puskesmas Kuta Selatan, with
whom we have worked in providing support for HIV/AIDS affected mothers and
In 2019, the Head of the Puskesmas approached RCBND to solicit support for a
program to limit the spread of TB in the area.
TB is a major problem in Indonesia, and the Puskesmas is concerned to limit its
spread amongst poorer villagers.

We agreed to provide support to their program of screening the household members
living with and at risk of infection by persons who have already been identified as
suffering from TB. An anomaly with the implementation of recently-introduced
Government Health Services, which covers the cost of treatments for TB patients, is
that it does not cover the cost of TB screening for family and household members of
patients who do not have a Bali KTP valid for their Kabupaten of residence.


Residents of Bali from elsewhere in Indonesia – around 30-40% of the population – are
not therefore covered, and are very at risk from TB and other health problems.
Our program is providing screening for those at risk.

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