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Bali Wise Scholarships

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Bali Wise: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

The well known African adage “When you educate a man; you educate a man. When you educate a woman; you educate a family’ is taken to heart by C Bali Nusa Dua through its partnership with Bali Wise that empowers economically disadvantaged and marginalised women through training in the hospitality industry and life skills education. By training young Indonesian women and helping them find full time employment in the hospitality sector - with fair wages - they are given a chance for a better future and opportunity to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families.

RC Bali Nusa Dua began its commitment to the economically disadvantaged women who although wanting an education could neither afford tuition in an accredited school or and more importantly, could not afford to stop working to attend school or other training.


Enter our relationship with Bali Wise. With RC Bali Nusa Dua funding Bali Wise provides classroom instruction together on the job training at several local 5 star resort properties coupled with safe accommodation that allows the female student an opportunity to learn without the pressure to work to support herself.

One of our recent scholarship recipients is Yuni, a young Balinese woman from Bulling (North Bali). Yuni, the third of four children. Together with her parents there are six in her family. Yuni’s three siblings are all sisters. Her eldest sister has married; her elder sister is working as a treasurer in the garbage warehouse in their village while Yuni’s father works as a freelance construction worker (meaning on a day to day basis as work is available). Mean while her mother tries to supplement the family income as a merchant with a small warung (kiosk) in front of their house.

Since the pandemic, her father has had many fewer chances to work because no one needs his service as a construction worker, as well her mother’s income as a small merchant has been reduced since most people have lost their jobs and are without money. Yuni graduated from vocational high school majoring in hotel accommodation and
planned to continue her studies and pursue higher education, but with the family’s income so greatly reduced she all but gave up on a career in hospitality on Bali. Fortunately, one of Yuni’s cousins knew of and advised her about Bali Wise’s hospitality training program. Learning that the Bali Wise program is designed only for women Yuni grew more eager to be accepted and excel. She believes that the Bali WISE program has given her the opportunity for the higher education she thought she would not get and the skills to pursue her dream.

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