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Yayasan Puspadi Bali


I Nyoman Sudarsana’s life changed dramatically on 17 August 2018 when Sudarsana lost his left leg and half of his right foot a freak accident. Celebrating Indonesia’s Independence Day Sudarsana grabbed an iron pole to raise his country’s flag. The pole hit the main electric cable above the road with Sudarsana nearly electrocuted by 20 kilowatts of electricity.

He was rushed to the Burn Trauma Center at Sanglah Hospital (another RCBND project) with 3rd degree burns all over his body. Doctors were able to save Sudarsana’s life but not his left leg or right foot.

By early 2019, a recovered Sudarsana visited Puspadi Bali for his 1st prosthesis
assessment. While in rehabilitation Sudarsana met many people in a similar condition. Encouraged, he excelled and within a few months was able to walk properly using his prosthesis. He continues to work in a hotel and inspires others through social media, frequently updating his activities and experiences using his prosthesis.


Working with Puspadi Bali (formerly Yakkum Indonesia) since 1992 - first supplying resources and materials for vocational training of handicapped and housebound young adults and now providing funds for free prosthetic legs for economically disadvantaged children and adults on Bali and Lombok.

Whilst some recipients are born without one or both legs, most recipients are amputees as a result of a motorcycle accident. The cost of treatment, hospitalization and recovery, not to mention losing the family’s motorcycle the main mode of transportation, leave most families without the funds to obtain a prosthesis and subsequently the recipient can neither work or continue schooling further burdening the family. Each year RCBND uses its District Grant funds to change the lives as many people as possible.

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