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Not Quite G20, But G9 Isn't Bad: The Rotary Club of Bali Nusa Dua's International Luncheon

Date: July 6, 2023

Location: Hotel Merusaka, Bali Nusa Dua

On July 6, 2023, the Rotary Club of Bali Nusa Dua had another luncheon at the Merusaka Hotel in Nusa Dua that was anything but average. The event earned the moniker of a "G9" gathering, as it brought together club members and guests from nine nations.

Hotel Merusaka - Glading Glass Room

No, we didn't quite hit the G20 mark, but our luncheon had a diplomatic feel of its own. Here's what unfolded at our "Not Quite G20, But G9 Isn't Bad" event:

The luncheon began with an inspiring opening speech by our new President, Matthias Frenzel.

He warmly welcomed our international guests and, at this first lunch meeting of the new Rotary year, gave a compelling preview of the exciting initiatives and opportunities that lie ahead.

One of our major initiatives, the ongoing Global Grant, often hailed as the "Gold Standard" among Rotary projects, is supported significantly by The Rotary Foundation (TRF). A couple of weeks ago, our club was honored to receive a GG of over $255,000 - a record-breaking amount for our Cleft Lip and Palate-project. As we set our sights on new milestones, President Frenzel extended his best wishes to Rudi, the primary host contact for the current GG, and Sebastian, our data manager.

As part of our forthcoming projects, we're especially excited about a new Global Grant focusing on 3D-printed prosthetics. We are confident that this initiative will be a great success and significantly improve the lives of more than 600 people, demonstrating once again our club's ongoing commitment to making a positive difference.

While we strive to improve lives through our initiatives, we're also witnessing positive changes on a larger scale. President Frenzel acknowledged that under President Joko Widodo's administration, Indonesia's health insurance system has significantly improved. As many of our projects are tied to health initiatives, this development aligns with our commitment to promoting healthier communities.

In terms of new projects, the president mentioned sponsorships for high schools and universities. Thanks to our club funds and pledges, we have been able to support more than 200 students so far, something our club can be truly proud of.

We also ventured into the area of environmental protection and talked about the initiatives we support to clean up the sea. For August 10, we have invited a guest speaker who will share his expertise on the critical issue of plastic waste reduction.

Regarding membership, we currently have 31 active members and are setting our sights on a target of 35 members for this Rotary year. To achieve this goal, we're focused on inspiring our less active members to step up their involvement, initiate new projects, and increase their participation in meetings and fundraising activities.

There's excellent news regarding our club's finances: we've successfully secured all the funds needed for this Rotary year. However, fundraising efforts for the next Rotary year remain crucial and will continue to be a focus.

In addition, we want to maintain and continue to foster the spirit of camaraderie and fellowship as this is an essential part of our club's ethos.

The meeting wasn't all business, though. True to our reputation of fostering fellowship, we were delighted to have several international guests in attendance. Among them were Robert Mititelu from Romania, Yusuke Limori from the Rotary Club of Saga, Japan, and Eduardo Salazar from Costa Rica. They had all found us through our website and praised it as one of the best Rotary websites.

Banner exchange

Handshakes all around, and then... even more handshakes!🤝🏻🤝🏻🤝🏻

But it wasn't just serious topics on the agenda. There were also stories about Pianikas, Japanese instruments.

Karl provided a comprehensive presentation, specially tailored for our international guests, offering an in-depth look into our upcoming new Global Grant. He focused on the exciting 3D scanning and printing projects that will have a positive impact on Puspadi Bali.

Many thanks also to Hotel Merusaka, especially to Pak Made Yuliarta and his excellent kitchen team today! The food was incredibly delicious! Here's just a taste for your eyes:

The dessert 😋😋😋

And what's a good luncheon without a raffle? Ian, one of our Scottish members, and Yusuke, a Rotarian from Japan, each walked away with a bottle of fine Balinese wine, adding a perfect ending to our G9 gathering.

Hey, Yusuke! We say 'Cheers'! 🍷🍷🍷

Raffle tickets raised a total of IDR 1,200,000. Many heartfelt thanks to Edward, our "Sergeant of Arms" for this amazing intermezzo and all who have diligently bought tickets from him!

With each luncheon, we continue to build on our sense of camaraderie and fellowship, even as we aim to make a tangible difference in the world. Whether we're a G9 or a G20, at the end of the day, it's the difference we make that counts. And by that measure, we're right up there with the best of them.

The "Not Quite G20, But G9 Isn't Bad" luncheon - a true reflection of the international spirit and dedication of the Rotary Club of Bali Nusa Dua to creating change.

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