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Two Thousand One Hundred

Dr. Asmarajaya -

The man who helps children to have a better life

Date August 29, 2022

Meeting @ Dharma Yadnya Hospital together with Dr. Asmarajaya

Lucky Jean-Marie & Claude Hoffmann!

Today was a successful day, because we had arranged three appointments to introduce the two Luxembourgers. At Dharma Yadnya Hospital we had the opportunity to meet Dr. Asmarajaya along with his assistant Dr. Yulan and the management of the administration.

Dr. Asmarajaya said that he is already 75 years old and will be available for several more years to perform Cleft Lip & Palate surgeries on our patients from Bali, Sumba, Maluku and Pulau Timor.

He has already carried out 5,000 surgeries in total, of which 2,100 surgeries have currently been financed by Rotary Club Bali Nusa Dua, RC Luxembourg-Horizon, RC Tokyo-Kojimachi + RC Tokyo North, RC Vancouver and more than 18 more Clubs in Europe.

We learned that these types of surgeries are not covered by health insurance as they fall under the category of 'cosmetic surgery'.

The patients and of course their parents and families can be very happy that the operations are personally performed by Dr. Asmarajaya to be executed. As far as we know, there is no surgeon far and wide who has more experience in this field.

Please continue, Dr. Asmarajaya.


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