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RCBND supports Yayasan Puspadi

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Services for people with disability

Date: August 29, 2022

Annika Linden Centre

It was in 12th of October, 2002.

It was in Bali.

It was a terror bomb attack.

There were 202 people died.

And Annika Linden was one of the victims.

In 2003, Annika Linden’s fiancé, Mark Weingard, established the Annika Linden Foundation to help those affected by the bombing.

from left to right: I Nengah Latra (Director Puspadi), Karl-Heinz Schmelzer (PPE RCBND), Jean-Marie Hoffmann (Rotary Club Luxembourg-Horizon), Rudi Sauermann (TRF Chair RCBND), Risto Poskiparta (Treasurer RCBND)

First we were kindly shown around by Kadek Wahyuni, the director of YPK Bali. YPK operates an integrated physical therapy clinic and life skills training program for children with disabilities that integrates instruction, life skills and rehabilitation.

left: middle: right:

Exercise with specialists and mother study room Exercise to stabilize the muscles

After that we had the opportunity to get a lot of information from Puspadi Bali.

from left to right: I Nengah Latra, the Director of Puspadi with Putu Juliani, the Operations Manager of Puspadi; padding of the prosthesis; Ibu Puspa kindly explaining about making the mold; different prothesis and details

Putu Juliani, the Operations Manager, as well as I Nengah Latra, the Director, showed us around in their part of the facility within the Annika Linden Centre.

They explained and showed us the different steps of prosthesis production and the variants of prostheses.

In a joint conversation, we also discussed a future possibility of producing prostheses using 3D printers, which would shorten the production of a prosthesis extremely. Currently, each step is purely manual work, which leads to a production time of up to 3 weeks.

By using a 3D printer, this period could be reduced to about 3 working days.


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