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Updated: Oct 14, 2022


How to learn with ?

Date: August 25, 2022; 02:00 PM

Members from Rotary Clubs in Bali

It's really not normal. You visit a website because you need information. You search and search.....continue searching....and with a little luck you will be successful. ....or maybe not.

For the website this is not at all true. Everything is very tidy and well structured on this website:

After selecting the right menu, you have a larger number of subfolders to specify your request. That's great!

The course was very well attended. The club president and the secretary were usually present.

The President of Rotary Club Bali Legian, Putu Indra, and also the President of Rotary Club Bali Taman, Aini Cahyani, were in charge of the moderation this afternoon. All those who do not speak Bahasa Indonesia got a perfect almost simultaneous translation from Aini Cahyani in English. Remarkable!

By the way, the main topic of the day was the club administration.

Guest speaker was Suzanna Chandra, the nominated district Governor for 2024.

She spoke specifically and in great detail about the use of the various logos. Those who were interested could learn a lot here.

Unfortunately, the internet connection in Café Me had stalled all presentations a few times.....

It was also an interesting gathering of Rotarians who might not have met before. Such events should hopefully be offered again and again.

Rating: Recommended!



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