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How much does an operation cost?

Sometimes it's also about money...

That's why we met with Dr. Anom and his team today.

Date August 29, 2022

from left to right: Dr. IGA Aneda Trisna MARS (Head of development and strategic planning), IGA Mas Tistawati (SE. Head of Finance), Dr. I Made Sudiana MARS (Head of service), Rudi Sauermann (RCBND TRF Chair), Dr. I Gusti Agung Ngurah Anom (director of Dharma Yadnya Hospital), Karl-Heinz Schmelzer (RCBND PPE)

It was really amazing when our E-Secretary Wes was greeted so warmly by Dr. Anom, the director of DYH Dharma Yadnya Hospital….

What a warm hug! You could say they have known each other for many years.

And in fact, they have known each other for almost 10 years already!! Wow!!

Today was about setting the price for all operations that will be carried out from April 2023 to March 2025, i.e. for the period for our new global grant together with our primary international host, Rotary Club Carnegie-Collier.

After extensive discussions, the management then proposed a 5% increase in the price, based on general price increases.

Since 2017, the price is IDR 6,250,000 for cleft lip surgery. This price will remain valid until March 2023.

The new price should now be IDR 6,562,500, but Dr. Anom agreed on a flat sum of

IDR 6,500,000 .

For Cleft Lip and Palate operations, the new price will be IDR 9,600,000 . This price also applies when bone grafts and X-rays should be necessary.

A good day for everyone!

Thank you to Dr. Anom and your team!


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